For the 2021-2022 legislative session, the state Senate has 12 standing committees including: Capital Budget, Commerce, Education, Election Law & Municipal Affairs, Energy & Natural Resources, Executive Departments & Administration, Finance, Health & Human Services, Judiciary, Rules & Enrolled Bills, Transportation, and Ways & Means.

Hearings are held in designated committee rooms in the State House (SH).

If you intend to participate in a public hearing, the following suggestions are designed to help you and the Senators make the most of your time:

  • If you wish to speak regarding a bill, sign in on the sheet inside the committee room that pertains to your bill. The sheet will specifically request your name, whether you support or oppose the legislation and whether you wish to speak.
  • If you prefer to only sign in as a supporter/opponent, that is completely acceptable. You are not obligated to speak.
  • When you are called to speak, take a seat at the table located in front of the committee. Identify yourself and the town you are from. Also, state whether you support or oppose the bill being heard. Your testimony will be recorded.
  • It is important that you state the reasons why you support or oppose the bill. Share information with the committee members as to how the legislation would impact you.
  • Keep your testimony short and relevant to what is being discussed.
  • If a number of speakers ahead of you have said exactly what you intended to say, rather than re-stating it all over again, the Senators greatly appreciate you simply identifying yourself, telling them that much of what you wanted to say has already been covered, then briefly add whatever new testimony you might have.
  • You are also encouraged to submit written testimony. If you choose to do so, please bring 10 copies. The committee aide will take your information and make certain it is distributed to committee members. The Senate encourages testimony being emailed to the committee staff. The links you need can be found on the individual committee pages.