2021 Chaptered Final Version

Chapters : 229
Chapter # Bill # Title
1 SB0030 permitting the towns of Tilton and Northfield to redraw their boundary lines.
2 SB0043 (New Title) authorizing an audit of the Rockingham County district 7 state representative race.
3 HB0094 relative to licensure renewal dates for certain governing boards under the office of professional licensure and certification.
4 HB0150 making a technical correction and a clarification in the law governing death benefits for emergency medical technicians and rescue squad members.
5 HB0173 requiring the independent investment committee of the New Hampshire retirement system to report investment fees.
6 HB0192 relative to pistols permitted for the taking of deer.
7 HB0193 relative to penalties for improper timber harvesting.
8 HB0208 repealing RSA 323 regarding lightning rod dealers and salesmen.
9 HB0258 (New Title) permitting wage and hour records to be approved and retained electronically.
10 HB0301 relative to the compensation appeals board.
11 HB0304 establishing a committee to study the funding of tuition and transportation for career technical education.
12 HB0342 (New Title) relative to the taking of game by certain lever-action firearms and relative to the number of rounds permitted in a firearm used to take deer.
13 HB0354 relative to the local option for sports betting.
14 HB0380 relative to the election of Grafton county commissioners.
15 HB0383 relative to the quarterly or semi-annual collection of taxes in certain municipalities.
16 SB0021 relative to the Pease development authority board of directors.
17 HB0073 relative to public notice requirements for certain permits issued by the department of environmental services.
18 HB0117 relative to the use of force at New Hampshire national guard facilities.
19 HB0134 repealing certain inactive dedicated funds.
20 HB0194 relative to the release of student assessment information and data.
21 HB0226 relative to the repeal of laws on produce safety.
22 HB0256 adding members from Londonderry to the commission to investigate and analyze the environmental and public health impacts relating to releases of perfluorinated chemicals into the air, soil, and groundwater in Merrimack, Bedford, and Litchfield.
23 HB0303 relative to required pay.
24 HB0324 relative to the administration of certain state taxes by the department of revenue administration.
25 HB0344 relative to temporary docks.
26 HB0377 relative to the authority of the state fire marshal to grant an exemption from fire code requirements to recovery houses.
27 HB0609 relative to innovation schools.
28 SB0020 relative to one year certificates of eligibility to teach.
29 SB0024 relative to the Brewster Academy charter.
30 HB0273 relative to the 50th anniversary of the passage of the 26th amendment, granting the right to vote to 18-21 year olds and celebrating youth voting and office holding.
31 HB0064 relative to renewable generation facility property subject to a voluntary payment in lieu of taxes agreement.
32 HB0088 relative to the city of Claremont police commission.
33 HB0126 relative to notice of execution of tax lien to mortgagees.
34 HB0128 adding notification requirements to the weather modification statute.
35 HB0157 (New Title) relative to the state health improvement plan and the state health assessment and state health improvement plan advisory council.
36 HB0171 relative to food in cigar shops.
37 HB0190 relative to financial disclosures by legislators.
38 HB0261 relative to apprenticeship programs in trade and industry.
39 HB0286 establishing a committee to study the response of law enforcement and the criminal justice system to homelessness in New Hampshire,
40 HB0356 relative to the city of Manchester employees' contributory retirement system.
41 HB0369 relative to the use of physical agent modalities by occupational therapists.
42 HB0409 relative to filling certain vacancies among members of school boards and other school district offices.
43 HB0437 (New Title) establishing a committee to study the shortage of animal slaughter and meat processing facilities in New Hampshire and the implementation of the meat inspection program.
44 HB0442 relative to penalties for a school's failure to file department of education reports.
45 HB0500 relative to reducing school food waste and addressing child hunger.
46 HB0089 adding qualifying medical conditions to the therapeutic use of cannabis law.
47 HB0163 relative to cannabis use during pregnancy.
48 HB0178 relative to the parole of prisoners and the procedures of the adult parole board.
49 HB0270 relative to post-conviction DNA testing.
50 HB0299 relative to responsibilities of the insurance department.
51 HB0312 relative to deadlines in consumer credit applications, licensing requirements for mortgage loan originators, examinations of family trust companies, delegation by credit union boards to committees, qualifications of the banking commissioner, and authorizing depository banks to elect benefit corporation status.
52 HB0378 repealing the therapeutic use of cannabis advisory council.
53 HB0451 (New Title) relative to organizations authorized to issue decals for multi-use decal number plates and relative to gold star family decals for motor vehicles.
54 HB0456 relative to the disclosure of information from vital records.
55 HB0496 relative to license plate covers.
56 HB0519 relative to technical changes in the laws administered by the insurance department.
57 HB0520 relative to e-delivery of insurance documents and commercial lines renewal notices.
58 HB0582 (New Title) relative to prescriptions for the treatment of attention deficit disorder, attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity, or narcolepsy.
59 HB0630 (New Title) authorizing certain procedures for rulemaking.
60 HB0070 authorizing certification for the microblading of eyebrows.
61 HB0079 relative to town health officers.
62 HB0240 relative to identification of cannabis strain for therapeutic cannabis.
63 HB0360 relative to the rental of shared living facilities.
64 HB0464 relative to the commission to study school funding.
65 HB0545 relative to the use of certain out-of-state banks by the state treasurer and municipal and county treasurers or trustees.
66 HB0626 relative to historic horse racing.
67 HB0302 relative to the creation and use of electronic records by government agencies.
68 HB0305 relative to motorist service signs on limited access highways.
69 HB0332 relative to deadlines for consideration of developments of regional impact by planning boards.
70 HB0345 establishing a license for mushroom harvesters.
71 HB0401 relative to the duty of school superintendents regarding criminal history records checks.
72 HB0425 (New Title) establishing technical committees and a cybersecurity advisory committee in the department of information technology
73 HB0461 relative to motorcycle auxiliary lamping, and adding the New Hampshire Motorcyclists' Rights Organization to the traffic safety commission.
74 SB0003 clarifying the tax treatment of federal Paycheck Protection Program loans.
75 HB0318 proclaiming the daring jumping spider to be the state spider of New Hampshire.
76 SB0057 relative to allowing pharmacy technicians and interns to remotely perform non-dispensing tasks.
77 HB0071 relative to school district emergency special meetings.
78 HB0123 granting immunity from prosecution for prostitution for reporting a sexual assault.
79 HB0131 relative to reporting of health care associated infections.
80 HB0152 relative to the apportionment of costs in cooperative school districts.
81 HB0154 relative to community revitalization tax relief incentives.
82 HB0182 relative to approval of coursework completed at other approved schools
83 HB0385 relative to workers' compensation for heart and lung disease in firefighters.
84 HB0388 relative to changing a pupil's school or assignment because of a manifest educational hardship.
85 HB0546 relative to 911 immunity for reporting that a person has been the victim of a violent crime.
86 HB0631 relative to regulation of interpreters for the deaf, deaf blind, and hard of hearing.
87 HB0289 relative to including electrical storage facilities in the definition of energy facility.
88 SB0052 (New Title) relative to municipal charter provisions for tax caps.
89 SB0028 (New Title) naming a courtroom in the second circuit courthouse in Plymouth in honor of Judge Edwin W. Kelly and naming a roundabout in New London in honor of Jessie Levine.
90 HB0001 making appropriations for the expenses of certain departments of the state for fiscal years ending June 30, 2022 and June 30, 2023.
91 HB0002 relative to state fees, funds, revenues, and expenditures.
92 HB0298 adding a member to the aviation users advisory board.
93 HB0306 relative to revenue estimates while operating under emergency orders caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
94 HB0311 establishing a committee to study rail trail best management practices.
95 HB0486 relative to eligibility for the low and moderate income homeowners property tax relief.
96 HB0555 relative to prisoners' voting rights.
97 HB0567 (New Title) permitting certain military personnel, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics to apply for licensure as a nursing assistant.
98 HB0606 exempting services provided without renumeration from license requirements for barbering, cosmetology, and esthetics.
99 SB0023 changing the requirement that a member of the sponsoring charitable organization be present during certain games of chance.
100 SB0025 relative to charity gaming licenses.
101 SB0046 relative to the use of electronic poll books by cities and towns.
102 SB0048 relative to the formula used to determine current use tax rates.
103 SB0049 relative to the New Hampshire trust code.
104 SB0077 relative to fees for the services of sheriffs and deputy sheriffs.
105 SB0087 adopting omnibus legislation relative to municipal finance.
106 HB0282 relative to a private school that is approved as a tuition program.
107 HB0025 making appropriations for capital improvements.
108 HB0330 relative to sports book locations.
109 HB0397 relative to permitting fees under the shoreland protection act.
110 HB0424 establishing a commission to study ways to reduce texting while driving.
111 HB0523 requiring a person who registers to vote without any identification to have his or her photo taken before his or her registration to vote is complete.
112 SB0014 relative to the direct shipping of liquor.
113 SB0016 amending the alimony statute due to changes in federal tax law.
114 SB0032 relative to the fallen state troopers' memorial.
115 SB0034 relative to the definition of a controlled drug analog and prohibiting the sale or possession of synthetic urine and urine additives.
116 SB0051 relative to the sale of lobster meat.
117 SB0066 allowing on-premises licensees to transport beverages and wines for delivery to consumers.
118 SB0084 (New Title) relative to village district public bodies.
119 SB0124 adopting omnibus legislation relative to insurance.
120 SB0138 (New Title) relative to the definition of an "investment metal contract".
121 SB0155 codifying provisions included in select emergency orders issued by the governor in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
122 SB0162 relative to the department of health and human services, the New Hampshire granite advantage health care trust fund, and health facility licensure.
123 SB0085 establishing a broadband matching grant initiative and fund.
124 SB0026 relative to roads within the Woodsville Fire District.
125 HB0476 (New Title) relative to election officers at additional polling place and relative to legalizing, ratifying, and confirming all actions, votes, and proceedings of the annual meeting of the town of Middleton.
126 HB0075 renaming and adjusting the membership of the New Hampshire commission on deafness and hearing loss.
127 HB0077 (New Title) requiring town and city clerks to provide daily notification to the secretary of state of any filings for elected office and relative to the broadband matching grant initiative.
128 HB0100 relative to driving to the left of an unbroken painted line.
129 HB0115 relative to wake surfing.
130 HB0195 adding display of a firearm as an exception to reckless conduct.
131 HB0220 (New Title) relative to medical freedom in immunizations and establishing a committee to examine the policy of medical intervention including immunizations.
132 HB0223 relative to political party access to a list of absentee ballot requests.
133 HB0236 creating a statute of limitation on civil actions relative to damage caused by perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances.
134 HB0243 (New Title) relative to the form of municipal budgets, relative to municipal estimates of expenditures and revenues, and relative to the requirement that certain governing bodies submit recommendations to the budget committee.
135 HB0251 (New Title) establishing a committee to study requiring New Hampshire children to be placed in rear facing restraints in motor vehicles.
136 HB0284 relative to the restoration of involuntarily merged lots.
137 HB0285 relative to verification of voter checklists.
138 HB0309 (New Title) relative to the computation of renewable energy credits and clarifying certain renewable energy classes.
139 HB0321 (New Title) requiring school districts to submit an annual report concerning gifted and talented students.
140 HB0375 (New Title) allowing the destruction of valueless contraband by the chief of police, the chief's designee, the county sheriff, or the sheriff's designee.
141 HB0423 establishing a commission to study the implementation of enhanced automation of traffic lights.
142 HB0432 relative to the offenses that prevent employment in a school.
143 HB0509 relative to portraits and memorial objects in the state house, legislative office building, and Upham Walker house.
144 HB0593 requiring a food delivery service to enter into an agreement with a food service establishment or food retail store before offering delivery service from that restaurant.
145 HB0600 relative to funding for newborn screening.
146 SB0015 (New Title) relative to ratification of amendments to the state building code and state fire code.
147 SB0036 relative to residency under auto insurance policies.
148 SB0045 relative to the controlled drug prescription health and safety program.
149 SB0097 (New Title) relative to in-network retail pharmacies.
150 SB0106 adopting omnibus legislation relative to codes.
151 SB0120 relative to physician assistant medical services through the Manchester Veterans Administration Medical Center.
152 SB0126 adopting omnibus legislation on landlord tenant proceedings.
153 SB0137 relative to the minimum hourly rate for tipped employees.
154 HB0174 relative to reporting a collision between a cat and a motor vehicle.
155 HB0338 relative to penalties for dog theft and tampering with a dog's radio collar.
156 HB0529 relative to cruelty to a wild animal, fish, or wild bird.
157 HB0320 requiring a civics competency assessment as a high school graduation requirement.
158 HB0581 (New Title) relative to the burden of proof in special education hearings and establishing a committee to study special education IEP and dispute resolution processes.
159 HB0513 relative to the degree granting authority of Signum university and relative to the authority of the higher education commission.
160 HB0015 relative to including under the meals and rooms tax facilitators of Internet transactions of motor vehicle rentals and facilitators of Internet transactions of room occupancies.
161 HB0069 (New Title) relative to the authority of schools to display the national and state mottos.
162 HB0101 relative to the close of a county's books of records.
163 HB0108 (New Title) relative to minutes and decisions in nonpublic sessions; an exemption for items falling within the attorney-client privilege or the attorney work product doctrine under the right-to-know law; and remote access to public meetings under the right-to-know law.
164 HB0140 relative to private rights of action regarding pupil safety.
165 HB0180 increasing the penalty for buyers under the law regarding trafficking in persons.
166 HB0183 (Second New Title) exempting persons under the age of 14, who are selling soft drinks on family owned or leased property, from city, town, or village district licensing requirements.
167 HB0199 including soil health and soil conservation in the state soil conservation plan.
168 HB0263 (New Title) relative to campaign finance reform and increasing the threshold for reporting by political committees.
169 HB0373 relative to state participation in low carbon fuel standards programs.
170 HB0411 establishing a commission to study the equalization rate used for the calculation of a property tax abatement by the New Hampshire board of tax and land appeals, the superior court, and all cities, towns, and counties.
171 HB0518 relative to rebates under the law governing unfair insurance practices.
172 HB0566 (Second New Title) relative to the discussion of disclosure of the minutes from a nonpublic session under the right-to-know law.
173 SB0018 permitting tastings by liquor manufacturers at farmers markets.
174 SB0027 relative to the sale of lucky 7 tickets.
175 SB0031 relative to voter checklists and modifying the absentee ballot affidavit.
176 SB0074 relative to advance directives for health care decisions.
177 SB0089 (New Title) adopting omnibus legislation relative to election procedures.
178 SB0142 (New Title) reestablishing the commission to study the incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder in first responders and reestablishing the commission to study grandfamilies in New Hampshire.
179 SB0149 adopting omnibus legislation on health and human services.
180 SB0125 relative to beverage manufacturer licenses.
181 HB0099 relative to seasonal platforms on public waters of the state.
182 HB0120 relative to administration of psychotropic medications to children in foster care.
183 HB0143 (New Title) relative to an electronic prescription drug program and establishing licensure and requirements for licensed social workers, licensed social work associates, and social work conditional licenses.
184 HB0164 relative to the acquisition, sale, or demolition of municipal land or buildings.
185 HB0224 (New Title) relative to tinted windows on motor vehicles, relative to civil liability for damage to highways, and relative to employer access to motor vehicle records.
186 HB0278 relative to the use of unused district facilities by chartered public schools.
187 HB0326 (New Title) requiring town and city clerks to make electronic lists of persons who have applied for absentee ballots available to candidates upon request.
188 HB0413 (New Title) establishing a solid waste working group on solid waste management planning, relative to compost, and establishing a statewide solid waste disposal reduction goal.
189 HB0479 (New Title) relative to pharmacist provider status, nicotine cessation therapy, and pharmacy benefit manager requirements.
190 HB0533 establishing a division of investigation and compliance in the lottery commission.
191 HB0542 (New Title) relative to the protection of religious liberty.
192 HB0572 relative to pharmacist administration of vaccines and allowing a licensed advanced pharmacy technician to administer vaccines.
193 HB0605 relative to the therapeutic cannabis program.
194 HB0610 (Fourth New Title) requiring certain licensing and reporting functions be conducted through the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System and Registry, relative to background investigations of trust officers, to certain filing fees, assessments, and interest rates, and to the transmission of consumer complaints by the banking department, requiring employers to provide certain workplace accommodations for employees, establishing the New Hampshire housing and conservation planning program, and relative to the collaborative care model service delivery method.
195 SB0022 relative to the sale of Lucky 7 tickets.
196 SB0040 (New Title) relative to informed consent to search a motor vehicle and amending the statutory requirements for a search warrant.
197 SB0058 relative to the administration of occupational regulation by the office of professional licensure and certification.
198 SB0088 adopting omnibus legislation relative to broadband.
199 SB0101 increasing the minimum gross business income required for filing a business profits tax return.
200 SB0102 adopting omnibus legislation on property taxation.
201 SB0103 relative to nexus provisions for certain disaster-related or emergency-related work performed in the state.
202 SB0104 (2nd New Title) adopting omnibus legislation relative to the classification of state employee positions, reverse auctions, and the organization of the department of administrative services.
203 SB0129 relative to minimizing environmental impacts on the habitats of endangered or threatened species.
204 SB0131 (New Title) adopting omnibus legislation relative to vehicles, municipal water maintenance certificates, nondriver's picture identification, and firefighter ane emergency medical services decals.
205 SB0133 adopting omnibus legislation relative to occupational licensure.
206 SB0134 adopting omnibus legislation relative to civil actions and criminal liability.
207 SB0143 adopting omnibus legislation relative to certain agency requests.
208 SB0146 adopting omnibus legislation relative to the environment.
209 SB0147 adopting omnibus legislation relative to student aid, the central registry, transportation of students, and special education costs.
210 SB0148 adopting omnibus legislation relative to vocational and career education, environmental education, and emergency plans for sports injuries.
211 HB0187 (New Title) relative to the emergency powers of the commissioner of health and human services and relative to the membership of the oversight committee on health and human services.
212 SB0105 (New Title) establishing April 8, 2024 as solar eclipse day.
213 HB0179 relative to enhanced penalties based on prior convictions for driving under the influence of drugs or liquor.
214 HB0249 relative to animal shelter facilities.
215 HB0250 relative to pet vendors.
216 HB0448 establishing a committee to study and compare federal Occupational Safety and Health Act standards with the safety and health standards the New Hampshire department of labor uses for public sector employees.
217 HB0283 (Second New Title) proclaiming April 11, 2022 as Wentworth Cheswill Day.
218 HB0421 relative to organ donation on a driver's license.
219 SB0093 relative to permanency planning under the child protection act.
220 SB0094 relative to juvenile diversion programs.
221 SB0100 (New Title) establishing legislative committees to study charitable gaming and to study building a pier over the jetty at Hampton Beach state park for disability access
222 HB0235 (Second New Title) addressing impacts to other water users from new sources of water for community water systems and relative to the PFAS fund and programs.
223 HB0271 relative to standards for per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking water and ambient groundwater.
224 SB0086 adopting omnibus legislation relative to planning and zoning.
225 HB0471 (New Title) relative to police disciplinary hearings and authorizing the department of justice to maintain an exculpatory evidence schedule.
226 HB0530 relative to candidate background checks for law enforcement officers.
227 SB0096 (2nd New Title) relative to establishing a body-worn and in-car camera fund and making an appropriation therefor; amending juvenile delinquency proceedings and transfers to superior court; and establishing committees to study the role and scope of authority of school resource officers and the collection of race and ethnicity data on state identification cards.
228 SB0091 (New Title) adopting omnibus legislation on renewable energy and utilities.
229 HB0315 (New Title) relative to the aggregation of electric customers and municipal host customer generators serving political subdivisions.