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Bill Title: establishing privacy protections for student online personal information.

Official Docket of
Date Body Description
1/8/2015HIntroduced and Referred to Education; HJ 12, PG. 228
2/11/2015HPublic Hearing: 2/19/2015 1:00 PM LOB 207
2/11/2015HExecutive Session: 2/20/2015 1:00 PM LOB 207
2/25/2015HMajority Committee Report: Ought to Pass for Mar 11 (Vote 10-9; RC); HC19, PG. 421
2/25/2015HMinority Committee Report: Inexpedient to Legislate
3/11/2015HOught to Pass: MA DV 216-125; HJ 24, PG. 874
3/19/2015SIntroduced and Referred to Education; SJ 10
3/26/2015SHearing: 3/31/15, Room 103, LOB, 9:20 a.m.; SC15
4/16/2015S=== CANCELLED SESSION === Committee Report: Ought to Pass, 4/23/15; SC18
4/17/2015S=== RESCHEDULED === Committee Report: Ought to Pass, 4/30/15; SC19
4/30/2015SOught to Pass: MA, VV; OT3rdg; SJ 12
5/14/2015SEnrolled Bill Amendment #1645e Adopted, VV, (In recess of 5/14/2015); SJ 15
5/19/2015HEnrolled Bill Amendment #2015-1645EBA: AA VV (in recess of 5/6/2015); HJ 41, PG. 1780-1781
5/21/2015SEnrolled (In recess 5/21/2015); SJ 16
5/21/2015HEnrolled (in recess of 5/6/2015); HJ 41, PG. 1782
6/16/2015HSigned by the Governor on 6/11/2015; Chapter 128; Effective Date 1/1/2016
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