The Visitor Center staff schedules, conducts and provides information for guided and self-guided tours of the State House. Tours are provided to schools, scouts, civic organizations, citizens and tour groups. (Notification to members is made through the House and Senate Calendars.) There are approximately 600 school tours during the school year and an additional number of smaller tours during the summer months. Groups range in size from 10 to 50, but we can accommodate larger groups.

The Visitor Center also provides general information concerning New Hampshire history, government, state agencies, and tourism. State maps and visitor guides are available. The Visitor Center is the only point of sale for the public and municipalities to purchase NH State Agency Directories. Requests are received throughout the year and may be ordered on the Visitor Center Online Gift Shop or purchased in the Visitor Center.

The Visitor Center also operates a small gift shop which sells a variety of NH gifts, including state and federal flags. "Flags Flown Over the State House" program and their certificates are created and maintained by Visitor Center staff. There are rotating exhibits, as well as permanent exhibits in the Visitor Center display area.

Visitor Center hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8 am to 4 pm.
NOTE: The Center is often closed during the lunch hour.

Virginia Drew, Director
Margaret Waterhouse, Public Information Administrator