Internal Organization

Section 21-L:8

    21-L:8 Aviation Users Advisory Board. –
I. There shall be an aviation users advisory board consisting of 7 members. All members, except the members set forth in subparagraphs (c), (d), and (g), shall hold a valid pilot's certificate at the time of appointment. The members shall be appointed by the governor, with the consent of the council, and shall include the following:
(a) One member representing an airline.
(b) One member representing corporate aviation.
(c) One member who shall be an airport manager.
(d) One member who shall be a member of an airport authority or of the governing body of a municipality maintaining a municipal airport.
(e) One member representing general aviation who shall be chosen from a list of at least 4 and not more than 6 names submitted to the governor by the Aviation Association of New Hampshire.
(f) One member representing general aviation.
(g) One member representing the unmanned aircraft systems industry, who shall be certificated as a remote pilot pursuant to 14 C.F.R. section 107 et seq., as amended, at the time of appointment.
(h) The commissioner, or designee, who shall serve as an ex officio voting member of the board.
II. Except for the commissioner, or designee, board members shall serve for a term of 4 years. Board members shall not serve more than 2 consecutive terms. The board shall annually elect from among its members a chairman.
III. Board members shall serve without compensation, except that they shall receive reimbursement for their reasonable and necessary expenses in the performance of their duties. This reimbursement shall be a charge against the appropriation for the division of aeronautics, rail, and transit.
IV. The board shall meet at least 4 times per year at a time and place to be fixed by the chairman, either upon his own motion or at the request of 3 or more board members.
V. The aviation users advisory board shall regularly advise the director of the division of aeronautics, rails, and transit on all matters relative to the operation of the division. The director shall consult the board on all matters relative to the operation of airports and licensing of pilots and other aviation personnel.
VI. The aviation users advisory board shall act as the board of appeal for aeronautical matters. Appeals from the decisions of the director of aeronautics, rail, and transit may be taken to the commissioner. Decisions of the commissioner may be appealed to the board, and such appeal shall be a condition precedent to any appeal to any court, contrary provisions of RSA 541-A notwithstanding. The board shall adopt rules of procedure for its appeals process.

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