Section 21-N:5

    21-N:5 Duties of Deputy Commissioner. –
The duties of the deputy commissioner shall include, but not be limited to the following, in accordance with applicable laws:
I. Provide for the following functions:
(a) Implementing the organizational goals, managing the work of the department, and directing the division directors in carrying out state and federal obligations.
(b) Assuring that the division directors comply with the procedures established by the commissioner relative to support for local schools under RSA 21-N:4, V.
(c) Personnel management.
(d) Developing and maintaining a system of accounting records and budget control procedures which meet all state and applicable federal accounting, purchasing, and reporting requirements.
(e) Property and contracts.
(f) Requiring and approving the development of short- and long-range division level plans and their implementation.
(g) Administering finance and operations.
(h) Fiscal management of all federal and other grants.
(i) Assuring compliance with all federal and state equal opportunity and access requirements, including, but not limited to, those federal requirements concerning awareness and elimination of discrimination on the basis of sex, race, language, national origin, or disability, and state requirements in accordance with RSA 354-A.
(j) Administering department responsibilities for information services.
II. Exercise, subject to the supervision of the commissioner, superior authority over the directors of the divisions of the department relative to areas of responsibility specified in this section.

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