Section 21-N:6

    21-N:6 Division of Learner Support. –
There is hereby established within the department the division of learner support, under the supervision of an unclassified director of learner support whose responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, the following functions, in accordance with applicable laws:
I. Providing technical and consulting services in both academic and support areas to public elementary and secondary schools.
II. Administering the provisions of RSA 186-C relative to special education, including rate setting under RSA 186-C:7-c, III. Such rate setting shall be accomplished in consultation with the department of health and human services and the department of administrative services.
III. Administering federal and state programs designed to assist the education of students and teachers.
IV. Administering department responsibilities for nutrition programs and services.
V. Administering standards for approving elementary and secondary schools in accordance with rules adopted by the board under RSA 21-N:9, I.
VI. [Repealed.]
VII. Administering career technology and adult learning programs.
VIII. Administering the provisions of RSA 186:61 and RSA 186:62, relative to adult basic education, except functions assigned exclusively to the deputy commissioner, as provided by RSA 21-N:5.
IX. Reviewing, on an ongoing basis, the development and administration of academic standards.
X. Administering the provisions of RSA 193-C relative to the statewide educational improvement and assessment program.

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