Section 21-N:7

    21-N:7 Division of Education Analytics and Resources. –
There is hereby established within the department the division of education analytics and resources, under the supervision of an unclassified director of education analytics and resources whose responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, the following functions, in accordance with applicable laws:
I. Providing school facility and safety services and administering the school building aid program under RSA 198 and any state funded grant program to school districts relative to school buildings, infrastructure, and safety.
II. Collecting, compiling, analyzing, and reporting on education data.
III. Promoting the application of educational research.
IV. Administering the provisions of RSA 193-E related to adequate public education.
V. Administering a chartered public school program office which shall:
(a) Answer inquiries regarding charter public schools.
(b) Act as a liaison between chartered public schools and the department of education.
(c) Ensure that a chartered public school is implementing its charter mission.
(d) Provide training for interested parties on the governance of chartered public schools and the development of chartered public school policy.
(e) Assist chartered public schools in identifying and securing alternative funding sources.
(f) Receive and evaluate progress reports from chartered public schools, identify best practices for instruction and management in chartered public schools, and develop a process to share such best practices with other public schools.
(g) Act as the liaison between chartered public schools and the United States Department of Education.
(h) Act as the liaison between chartered public school advocacy groups and interested parties.
(i) Act as the liaison between chartered public schools and other public schools in the chartered public school's geographic region.
(j) Work closely with the resident school districts and chartered public schools to assure appropriate support for students with disabilities.
(k) Include in the department's efficiency expenditure request pursuant to RSA 9:4 for the biennium ending June 30, 2019, and every biennium thereafter, the chartered public school program officer position, which shall be a classified position.
VI. Overseeing audit and financial monitoring functions which shall:
(a) Provide analytical reports of examinations conducted of the department's various divisions, bureaus, sections, programs, and functions. Examinations shall be conducted and reports prepared in accordance with standards of governmental auditing and program evaluation specified by authoritative national standard setting bodies. Reports shall contain analyses, appraisals, comments, and recommendations relating to the accuracy and competence of accounting, financial, and management procedures in use.
(b) Insure compliance with federal grant requirements and review grantee and subgrantee compliance with all department grant requirements.
(c) Not assume any managerial, supervisory, or operational function, or direct action initiated as a result of the unit's recommendations.
VII. Oversee the administration of the education trust fund under RSA 198:38 through RSA 198:42.

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