Section 5-B:5

    5-B:5 Standards of Organization and Operation. –
I. Each pooled risk management program shall meet the following standards of organization and operation. Each program shall:
(a) Exist as a legal entity organized under New Hampshire law.
(b) Be governed by a board the majority of which is composed of elected or appointed public officials, officers, or employees. Board members shall not receive compensation but may be reimbursed for mileage and other reasonable expenses. Board members shall comply with the provisions of RSA 15-A.
(c) Return all earnings and surplus in excess of any amounts required for administration, claims, reserves, and purchase of excess insurance to the participating political subdivisions.
(d) Provide for an annual audit of financial transactions by an independent certified public accountant. The audit shall be filed with the department and distributed to participants of each pooled risk management program.
(e) Be governed by written bylaws which shall detail the terms of eligibility for participation by political subdivisions, the governance of the program and other matters necessary to the program's operation. Bylaws and any subsequent amendments shall be filed with the department.
(f) Provide for an annual actuarial evaluation of the pooled risk management program. The evaluation shall assess the adequacy of contributions required to fund any such program and the reserves necessary to be maintained to meet expenses of all incurred and incurred but not reported claims and other projected needs of the plan. The annual actuarial evaluation shall be performed by a member of the American Academy of Actuaries qualified in the coverage area being evaluated, shall be filed with the department, and shall be distributed to participants of each pooled risk management program.
(g) Provide notice to all participants of and conduct 2 public hearings for the purpose of advising of potential rate increases, the reasons for projected rate increases, and to solicit comments from members regarding the return of surplus, at least 10 days prior to rate setting for each calendar year.
II. If a pooled risk management program fails to provide for an annual audit or an annual actuarial evaluation, the department shall perform or cause to be performed the required audit or evaluation and shall be reimbursed the cost by the program.

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