Death Registration Forms and Procedures

Section 5-C:67

    5-C:67 Burial Permit. –
I. A clerk of a town or city or a funeral director shall provide the following information for a burial permit:
(a) The full name of the deceased.
(b) The date of death.
(c) The city or town, county, and state of death.
(d) The sex, date of birth, and age of the deceased.
(e) The method, date and place of initial and final disposition, such as, a cemetery or crematory.
(f) The name of the funeral home.
(g) The city or town of the funeral home.
(h) The date that the burial permit is issued.
(i) The lot number, section, and grave number.
(j) If stored, the name of the storage vault; the date of storage; the location of the vault, by city or town and state; the signature of the cemetery sexton or person in charge of the storage vault or, if none, the funeral director; and, the date that the body or cremains are released from the storage vault.
(k) The signature of the cemetery sexton or person in charge of the cemetery or crematory or, if none, the funeral director.
(l) The signature of the city or town board of health official, the city or town local health officer, or the funeral director.
II. Upon receipt of the completed death record, the division shall issue a burial permit or emergency burial permit in accordance with RSA 290:3, RSA 290:3-a, RSA 290:3-b, RSA 5-C:68 and RSA 5-C:69.

Source. 2005, 268:1, eff. Jan. 1, 2006.