Central Business Service Districts

Section 31:122

    31:122 Services Advisory Committee; Cost. –
I. (a) The services which may be provided by a municipality in a central business service district under the provisions of this subdivision may include property-related services performed in the public right-of-way, including sidewalk snow removal, landscaping, street and sidewalk cleaning, refuse collection, and other business development services and activities related to the maintenance of an attractive, useful, and economically viable business environment. These services and activities may be either those of a routine nature provided for all properties, or may be particular to those in the central business service district.
(b) After a duly noticed public hearing, capital expenditures of not more than $20,000 per project that have been approved by a 2/3 vote of the advisory board shall be subject to approval by a 2/3 vote of the governing body.
II. The legislative body of each municipality electing to establish a central business service district shall appoint an advisory board of 7 members, not less than 5 of whom shall be owners or tenants of property within the proposed district. Upon consultation with the advisory board, the legislative body of each municipality shall define the central business service district, select specific services and levels of services to be provided in the district, and, subject to RSA 31:123, authorize which specific department, agency, or other party is to undertake the work.
III. The costs of providing special services in the central business service district shall be those accruing to the municipality which result exclusively from the provision of services in the district which exceed those being provided in the balance of the municipality. The costs of services provided throughout the municipality or available to all properties and the costs of services or levels of services regularly and routinely provided within the central business service district prior to July 23, 1983, may not be included as costs for the purpose of this subdivision.

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