Budget Committee

Section 32:14

    32:14 Adoption. –
I. This subdivision may be adopted:
(a) By any town with a town meeting form of government, including those with a budgetary town meeting, official ballot town meeting, or representative town meeting pursuant to RSA 49-D:3, II, II-a, and III, or by a town with an official ballot town council form of government under which part or all of the annual town operating budget is voted upon by official ballot;
(b) By a cooperative school district, in accordance with RSA 195:12-a;
(c) By any village district, or district created under RSA 53-A or 53-B, which adopts its budget at an annual meeting of its voters, and which is located in more than one municipality; or
(d) By any school district or village district which adopts its budget at an annual meeting of its voters, but which lies wholly within a municipality that lacks authority to adopt this subdivision.
II. This subdivision may be adopted by a majority vote of those present and voting, under an article in the warrant for the annual meeting, inserted by the governing body or by petition.
III. Voting shall be by ballot, but the question shall not be placed on the official ballot used to elect officers. Polls shall remain open and ballots shall be accepted by the moderator for a period of not less than one hour following the completion of discussion on the question.
IV. If the vote is favorable, the town or district shall at that same meeting vote, by ballot or other means, determine the number of members-at-large, as provided in RSA 32:15, I, and whether they shall be elected or appointed by the moderator.
V. A town or district which has adopted this subdivision may rescind its adoption in the manner described in paragraphs II and III.

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