Section 37:15

    37:15 Ballot Vote on Adoption and Discontinuance. – Whenever an article has been inserted in the warrant for the annual meeting of any town, village district or precinct, calling for consideration of the question of adopting the provisions of this chapter, the following question shall be submitted to the voters at such meeting: "Do you favor adoption of the town manager plan as provided in chapter 37 of the Revised Statutes Annotated?" In towns, village districts or precincts having an official ballot the clerk shall cause this question to be printed on the official ballot and the voting on this question shall be taken up at the opening of the polls and carried on simultaneously with the balloting for town officers. In towns, village districts or precincts which do not have an official ballot the clerk shall cause to be prepared in advance of such meeting a printed ballot containing the above question and in either method the question shall be followed by the words "Yes" and "No" with boxes after each, in which the voter may mark his choice. Such balloting arrangement shall be used at all meetings voting on such question pursuant to RSA 37:11 and 37:14. The polls shall remain open for at least 3 hours at any meeting balloting on such question. In voting on the question of revoking the provisions of this chapter in any town, village district or precinct pursuant to RSA 37:13, the balloting procedure prescribed by this section shall govern, except that the question appearing on the printed ballot shall be as follows: "Do you favor the continuation of the town manager plan as now in force in this town?" If a majority of the voters present and voting in a town, village district or precinct on this question signifies disapproval of this question the town manager plan will be deemed to be revoked therein provided, however, that said revocation shall not be effective until the second Tuesday of April next succeeding the annual meeting at which such action is taken.

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