Section 483-B:2

    483-B:2 Minimum Standards Required. –
To fulfill the state's role as trustee of its waters and to promote public health, safety, and the general welfare, the general court declares that the public interest requires the establishment of standards for the subdivision, use, and development of the shorelands of the state's public waters. The development standards provided in this chapter shall be the minimum standards necessary to protect the public waters of the state of New Hampshire. These standards shall serve to:
I. Further the maintenance of safe and healthful conditions.
II. Provide for the wise utilization of water and related land resources.
III. Prevent and control water pollution.
IV. Protect fish spawning grounds, aquatic life, and bird and other wildlife habitats.
V. Protect buildings and lands from flooding and accelerated erosion.
VI. Protect archaeological and historical resources.
VII. Protect commercial fishing and maritime industries.
VIII. Protect freshwater and coastal wetlands.
IX. Control building sites, placement of structures, and land uses that may potentially damage the public waters.
X. Conserve shoreline cover and points of access to inland and coastal waters.
XI. Preserve the state's lakes, rivers, estuaries and coastal waters in their natural state.
XII. Promote wildlife habitat, scenic beauty, and scientific study.
XIII. Protect public use of waters, including recreation.
XIV. Conserve natural beauty and open spaces.
XV. Anticipate and respond to the impacts of development in shoreland areas to the extent they may potentially damage the public waters.
XVI. Provide for economic development in proximity to waters.

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