Chapter 490-B

Section 490-B:1

    490-B:1 Statement of Purpose. – It is the intention of the legislature and the purpose of this chapter to improve the administration of justice and the efficient operation of all courts in this state by providing suitable court facilities and by transferring the cost for said facilities from local units of government to the state, effective January 1, 1986.

Source. 1985, 404:1, eff. Aug. 26, 1985.

Section 490-B:2

    490-B:2 Definitions. –
In this chapter:
I. "Costs" means any expenses directly attributable to the court, including, but not limited to, maintenance of the facility, heat, light, and insurance.
II. "Facility" means any area used for the operation of a court.

Source. 1985, 404:1, eff. Aug. 26, 1985.

Section 490-B:3

    490-B:3 Responsibilities. – The state, through the department of administrative services, shall provide and maintain suitable court facilities for the conduct of all court sessions held within each judicial district and county, subject to the availability of appropriated funds. The supreme court shall make recommendations to the department of administrative services as to suitable court facilities, and said facilities shall be accessible for the conduct of court business at times and under conditions deemed appropriate by the supreme court.

Source. 1985, 404:1. 1989, 371:5, eff. July 1, 1989.

Section 490-B:4

    490-B:4 Facilities Plan. – Before March 1 of each year, the supreme court shall submit a report to the commissioner of administrative services setting forth the space and facility operating requirements for each court location.

Source. 1985, 404:1. 1989, 371:6. 2007, 306:2, eff. July 13, 2007.

Section 490-B:5

    490-B:5 Included in Budget Request. –
I. Beginning with the moneys to be appropriated for fiscal year 1988, the supreme court shall include in each budget request sufficient funding to continue the state financing of court facilities.
II. The amount to be paid for each court facility shall be negotiated by the department of administrative services and shall be subject to final approval by the governor and council or the department of administrative services, whichever is applicable under statutes, rules, or the procedures of governor and council.

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