Court Fees, Fines, Forms, and Personnel

Section 490:26-a

    490:26-a Court Fees and Fines; Credit Card Payments. –
I. The supreme court shall establish by rule an equitable fee schedule for all courts in the state.
II. (a) Except as provided in subparagraph (b), a $25 surcharge shall be added to each civil filing fee for all courts. This surcharge shall be deposited in the general fund.
(b) The following shall be exempt from the surcharge under subparagraph (a):
(1) Actions relating to children under RSA 169-B, RSA 169-C, and RSA 169-D.
(2) Domestic violence actions under RSA 173-B.
(3) Small claims actions under RSA 503.
(4) Landlord/tenant actions under RSA 540, RSA 540-A, RSA 540-B, and RSA 540-C.
(5) Stalking actions under RSA 633:3-a
II-a. The supreme court may establish by rule an equitable fee of not less than $25 to be added to a fine whenever a court extends the time for the payment of the fine. An equitable fee assessed by a court under this paragraph shall be paid prior to or simultaneously with the payment of the fine.
III. All court fees, surcharges, and fines paid into any court may be paid by credit card in lieu of cash payment.

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