Employee Benefits

Section 490:28

    490:28 Benefits of Nonjudicial Employees. –
I. Except as provided in a collective bargaining agreement under RSA 273-A, full-time nonjudicial employees of the judicial branch shall, effective January 1, 1984, receive all fringe benefits and salary increases as provided for classified state employees including membership in the state retirement system, health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance coverage, and annual and sick leave benefits. Annual and sick leave benefits accumulated by said employees, as a result of service prior to January 1, 1984, shall be transferable under such guidelines as may be established by the supreme court unless covered in a collective bargaining agreement under RSA 273-A.
II. Any full-time judicial branch employee who transfers from the judicial branch to state service in the executive branch or the legislative branch, without a break in service, may transfer all earned annual leave, sick leave, longevity pay, and bonus time already accumulated in the judicial branch, to the receiving branch of state government. The maximum amount of accumulated annual and sick leave that may be transferred shall be limited to the amount of annual and sick leave that employees of the receiving branch may accumulate, the rate of accrual shall be according to continuous years worked and, upon transfer, the employee's rate of accrual shall be the rate of accrual of the receiving branch. No leave granted at the outset of service, or without a relationship to the length of employment shall be included in earned leave.

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