Justices, Jurisdiction, Sessions, Etc.

Section 490:5-c

    490:5-c Duties. –
The commission shall operate under the supervision of the supreme court and shall perform such duties as directed by the supreme court to include:
I. Prescribing minimum standards for all courts with respect to size, adequacy of facilities, security, decor and design, judicial chambers, conference rooms, stenographic and clerical assistance, decorum, parking facilities, respect for the rights of the public, law enforcement personnel, and the accused, and such other features as the supreme court shall direct;
II. Regularly causing every superior, probate, district, and municipal court in New Hampshire to be visited and inspected;
III. Periodically reporting its findings, conclusions, and recommendations for improvements to court facilities and procedures to the supreme court;
IV. Reviewing for the supreme court the adequacies of court facilities and reporting its findings and recommendations to the supreme court for its consideration in January of each year.

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