Section 498:4

    498:4 Deviation From Terms of Trust. – In all cases where by reason of a change of circumstances which has occurred, shall occur, or is reasonably foreseeable, subsequent to the creation, heretofore or hereafter, of a trust by any deed, will or other instrument, compliance by the trustee or trustees with the terms of the trust relating to the property or the kinds or classes of property which may be held under the trust would defeat or substantially impair the accomplishment of the purposes of the trust, the court may, upon the filing by the trustee of a bill in equity for instructions and upon notice to all parties in interest, enter a decree permitting the trustee to deviate from such terms of the trust and directing the trustee, if necessary to carry out the purposes of the trust, to sell all or any part of the property held under the trust and to invest the proceeds of such sale in kinds or classes of property which are lawful investments for trustees of estates. No such decree, after its entry, shall thereafter operate to relieve any trustee of any duty imposed by law relating to the investment of trust funds and the exercise of reasonable care for the preservation thereof. This section shall not be construed to limit or restrict the general equitable jurisdiction of the court over trustees, trusts or trust funds.

Source. 1941, 206:1. RL 371:4.