Section 504-A:13

    504-A:13 Supervision and Service Charges. –
I. The court shall establish a supervision fee for probationers, and the parole board shall establish a supervision fee for parolees. The fee shall not be less than $40 a month, unless waived in whole or in part by the court, board or commissioner, and may be any greater amount as established by the court or board. This fee shall be considered a condition of release, and failure to satisfy this obligation shall be grounds for a violation hearing, unless the probationer or parolee has been found to be indigent and, for that reason, unable to pay the fee. Service charges for collection of fines and fees, other than supervision fees, shall be established at 10 percent of the funds collected.
II. Monthly supervision fees collected under this section shall be deposited as follows:
(a) $5 to the state general fund to defray expenses of providing training to employees of the department of corrections.
(b) The balance to be credited to the general fund.
III. The court, for probationers, and the parole board, for parolees and those under the jurisdiction of the court, may assess fees for services as provided by the department of corrections, division of field services, not otherwise provided for by this chapter.
IV. (a) Any person under state probation or parole supervision who requests a transfer of supervision to another state shall submit such request on a form to be developed by the commissioner of the department of corrections along with an application fee not to exceed $100. The commissioner may waive the fee as deemed appropriate under the circumstances. All fees collected under this subparagraph shall be deposited into the probation and parole receipts fund established in subparagraph (b).
(b) There is hereby established a probation and parole receipts fund in the department of corrections which shall be administered by the commissioner of the department of corrections. The fund shall be nonlapsing and continually appropriated to the department of corrections to offset the cost of annual dues and any extradition costs incurred by the department pursuant to the interstate compact for adult offender supervision under RSA 651-A:25 through RSA 651-A:38.

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