Shares in Corporations, Pews, Bulky Articles, Etc.

Section 511:23

    511:23 Bulky Articles, Etc. – The officer taking possession to levy upon or attaching any livestock or articles which, by reason of their size, situation, fluidity, explosive or inflammable qualities, including motor vehicles, trucks, trailers, and tractors, are incapable of being conveniently taken into actual possession may, within 48 hours thereafter, leave an attested copy of the writ, and of his return of such taking possession or such attachment thereon, at the office of the secretary of state or in the registry of deeds, as the case may be, where filing is required to perfect a security interest in such goods under RSA 382-A, Article 9, and in such cases the attachment shall not be dissolved or defeated by any neglect of the officer to take actual possession of the property. Fees payable for such filing or recording shall be in accordance with RSA 478:17-g. The officer, upon completion of the attachment in the manner provided in this section, shall be under no duty to care for or preserve the attached property unless requested by the attaching creditor, who shall be responsible for all reasonable costs and expenses incurred by the officer, including his reasonable fees, in complying with such request.

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