Section 550:4

    550:4 Cases Requiring No Notice. –
The probate court may, at the discretion of the judge, proceed without notice in the following cases:
I. In the probate of wills in common form.
II. In the appointment of the person entitled to such trust, or of the person by him nominated, as administrator.
III. In the appointment of appraisers of estates.
IV. In licensing the sale of personal estate.
V. In licensing the sale of real estate whenever the heirs at law or devisees consent thereto in writing, or it is of less than five hundred dollars in value.
VI. In the appointment of commissioners of insolvent estates.
VII. In the appointment of guardians of minors.
VIII. In granting allowances to widows.
IX. In the assignment of the homestead right.
X. In making orders for suits upon probate bonds.
XI. In changing the names of persons who reside in the county and who apply therefor.
XII. In the appointment of trustees named in wills.
XIII. In licensing the mortgage of real estate pursuant to RSA 554:30-35.
XIV. In allowing the payment of a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars for the perpetual care of a cemetery lot and the monuments thereon where the decedent is buried.
XV. When an accounting is filed by a guardian who is a parent of or a person standing in loco parentis to a minor having his home with such guardian.

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