Checklists: Special Provisions

Section 654:42

    654:42 Complaint to Superior Court. – Any citizen of the state may, in term time or vacation, file a complaint with the superior court stating that his name is illegally kept from, or his name or that of some other citizen is illegally placed upon, the checklist of a town or ward, and the facts upon which the complaint is based. Said complaint shall be deemed sufficient if it sets forth the basis of the complaint and may be filed by the complainant with the clerk of court or any justice thereof. The complainant may appear with or without counsel. Thereupon, the presiding justice in term time, or any justice of the superior court in vacation, shall order that a copy of the complaint be served on the supervisors of the checklist of the town and on the citizens other than the complainant named in the petition and shall set a time and place for an immediate hearing. The justice hearing the case may order the name of the voter concerning whom the complaint is made to be added or removed from the checklist as justice requires, and his decision shall be final on questions of fact as in equity cases.

Source. 1979, 436:1, eff. July 1, 1979.