Presidential Nominations

Section 655:48

    655:48 Fees. –
I. No candidate for the office of president shall have his or her name placed on the ballot for the presidential primary unless the candidate shall pay to the secretary of state at the time of filing the declaration of candidacy a fee of $1,000.
II. Any person otherwise qualified to run for president, who is unable to pay the filing fee as prescribed in paragraph I by reason of indigence may, after proving such indigence, have his or her name printed on the presidential primary ballot of any party by filing with the secretary of state 10 primary petitions from each county of the state signed by registered voters of the party, who are domiciled in New Hampshire, together with one written assent to candidacy pursuant to RSA 655:25. The primary petition shall be in substantially the following form:

State of New Hampshire

I do hereby join in a petition for the printing on the presidential primary ballot of the name of __________ whose domicile is in the city (town) of _______________ (street and number and ward if in a city) _______________, in the county of __________, state of _______________, for the office of president to be voted for on Tuesday, the __________ day of __________, 20___, and certify that I am qualified to vote for a candidate for said office, that I am a registered member of the __________ party, and am not at this time a signer of any other similar petition for any other candidate for the above office.
Voter's Signature 
Print Voter's Name 
Voter's Domicile 
 street address 
 Town or City (Ward)
Voter's Mailing Address 
 Town or City Zip Code

I certify that the signer above is a registered member of the __________ party and a registered voter in the town/city of _______________.
Date of Filing __________
Signature of Town (City) Clerk __________

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