Planning Board

Section 676:4-a

    676:4-a Revocation of Recorded Approval. –
I. A subdivision plat, street plat, site plan or other approval which has been filed with the appropriate recording official under RSA 674:37 may not be revoked, in whole or in part, by the planning board, except pursuant to this section, and only under the following circumstances:
(a) At the request of, or by agreement with, the applicant or the applicant's successor in interest.
(b) When the applicant or successor in interest to the applicant has performed work, erected a structure or structures, or established a use of land, which fails to conform to the statements, plans or specifications upon which the approval was based, or has materially violated any requirement or condition of such approval.
(c) When the applicant or successor in interest to the applicant has failed to perform any condition of the approval within a reasonable time specified in the approval, or, if no such time is specified, within the time periods specified in RSA 674:39.
(d) When the time periods specified in RSA 674:39 have elapsed without any vesting of rights as set forth therein, and the plat, plan or other approval no longer conforms to applicable ordinances or regulations.
(e) When the applicant or successor in interest to the applicant has failed to provide for the continuation of adequate security as provided by RSA 674:36, III(b) and 674:44, III(d) until such time as the work secured thereby has been completed.
II. Prior to recording any revocation under this section, the planning board shall give notice, as provided by RSA 676:4, I(d), to the public, the applicant or the applicant's successor in interest, and all abutters and holders of conservation, preservation, or agricultural preservation restrictions. The notice shall include the board's reasons for the revocation. A hearing with notice as provided in RSA 676:4, I(d) shall be held at the request of any party receiving such notice, submitted within 30 days of receiving such notice, or if the planning board determines to hold a hearing.
III. A declaration of revocation, dated and endorsed in writing by the planning board, and containing reference to the recording information for the plat, plan, or other approval being revoked, shall be filed for recording with the register of deeds, no sooner than 30 days after written notification of the revocation is served on the applicant or the applicant's successor in interest, in person or by verified mail, as defined in RSA 21:53, or 30 days after any public hearing, whichever is later. If only part of an approval is revoked, that portion of land subject to revocation shall be clearly identified in the declaration. The declaration shall be recorded under the same name or names as was the original approval, as well as the names of subsequent owners, if any, of the land or part thereof subject to revocation, as identified by the municipality.
IV. A revocation under this section may be appealed pursuant to RSA 677:15. Nothing in this section shall affect the municipality's ability, either before or after such a revocation, to pursue other remedies or penalties as set forth in RSA 676:15-17.

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