Proceedings Against Real Estate

Section 80:32

    80:32 Redemption. – Any person with a legal interest in land so sold may redeem the same by paying or tendering to the collector, or in his or her absence, at his or her usual place of abode, at any time before a deed thereof is given by the collector, the amount for which the land was sold, with interest at 14 percent per annum upon the whole amount for which the land was sold from the time of sale to the time of payment in full, except that in the case of partial payments in redemption made under RSA 80:33-a, the interest shall be computed on the unpaid balance, together with redemption costs and costs for notifying the mortgagees, if any. In case the tax collector who sold the property in question shall have died, become incapacitated, been removed from office or removed from the town or city or shall have been discharged from his or her bond by the selectmen or assessors, then the person with the legal interest in redeeming the property may tender such sums to the tax collector then in office of said city or town. Upon advice from the selectmen or assessors that the amount tendered is the correct amount due, the tax collector shall accept said amount for the redemption of the property.

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