Section 100-A:14-a

    100-A:14-a Subcommittees of the Board of Trustees. –
I. The board of trustees shall establish subcommittees, to include but not be limited to, an audit committee.
II. Each subcommittee shall consist of members of the board of trustees. At least one member of the audit committee shall be experienced in the field of public accounting.
III. Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, the audit committee and each subcommittee established by the board shall make its recommendations to the full board for final approval.
IV. The audit committee shall assist the board to undertake the audit and reporting requirements required by RSA 100-A:15, VI. The audit committee may establish an advisory committee to assist it in its auditing functions. The advisory committee shall consist of non-board members who are certified public accountants and others working in public accounting.
V. Subcommittee members shall be appointed by chairperson of the board of trustees.
VI. Notwithstanding RSA 91-A or any other law to the contrary, subcommittee members shall be permitted to participate in subcommittee meetings by telephone, provided that any subcommittee member so participating shall be able to be heard by and to hear every other member of the subcommittee participating in the meeting and, unless the subcommittee is meeting in a nonpublic session as permitted by RSA 91-A:3, shall be able to be heard by all members of the public attending the meeting. Voting members of any subcommittee participating by telephone shall be treated as present at the meeting for all purposes, including the establishment of a quorum. Any meeting at which one or more subcommittee members are participating by telephone shall be recorded verbatim by magnetic tape or otherwise, and such recording shall be made available for public inspection to the same extent as minutes of the meeting, provided that the accidental destruction of a recording or the accidental failure to record any meeting shall not invalidate any action taken at that meeting.

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