Section 100-A:7

    100-A:7 Working After Retirement; Exceeding Part-Time Hourly Limit. –
I. Any retired member returning to work for a participating employer in a position requiring mandatory membership pursuant to RSA 100-A:3 shall be restored to service and the retiree's retirement allowance shall cease, the retiree shall again become a member of the retirement system, and the retiree shall contribute at the percentage payable pursuant to RSA 100-A:16, I(a). Anything herein to the contrary notwithstanding, any credit for membership service and for any prior service on the basis of which the retired member's creditable service was computed at the time of his or her former retirement shall be restored to full force and effect; upon subsequent retirement, the retiree shall receive a retirement allowance based on his or her combined creditable service and average final compensation.
II. Any retired member who, in any calendar year, works part-time for one or more participating employers and exceeds the maximum permitted hours as provided in RSA 100-A:1, XXXIV, shall forfeit the state annuity portion of his or her retirement allowance, and any allocable cost of living adjustments, with such forfeiture commencing as soon as administratively feasible in the next calendar year and continuing for a period of 12 months.
III. The board of trustees of the retirement system shall adopt rules under RSA 541-A as necessary to administer and enforce the provisions of this section.

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