Access to Health Care and Mental Health Services for Veterans

Section 126-A:81

[RSA 126-A:81 effective upon receipt of sufficient funding for positions required to carry out the purpose of this section.]
    126-A:81 Access to Health Care for Veterans; Navigator Training Program. –
I. In this subdivision, "veteran" means veteran as defined in 38 U.S.C. section 101(2).
II. The commissioner, in coordination with the adjutant general, shall develop and operate a veteran health navigator training program to increase access to health care coverage and services for veterans. The commissioner shall identify, train, and deploy veteran health navigators who have direct knowledge of the veteran communities they serve. For the purposes of the training program, the commissioner shall use the veterans service officers currently employed by the department of military affairs and veterans services. The veteran health navigators shall help identify all federal and other health benefits, coverage, and services available to veterans and their families. Veteran health navigators shall coordinate with relevant departments, health care providers, and health insurance programs to help veterans and their beneficiaries apply for coverage under such programs, including helping veterans overcome barriers within the health care system to ensure enrollment in health plans and effective delivery and coordination of health services. The activities under this program shall use existing resources and structures where veterans and their families are likely to be found.
III. Using the veteran health navigator training program under paragraph I as a source of information about the needs, coverage, and treatment gaps faced by veterans and their families, the commissioner shall examine all existing programs designed to increase access to affordable quality health care and to evaluate whether the needs of veterans and their families are met by those programs or whether further coordination with the veteran health navigators or other steps would better meet such needs. The commissioner shall execute any necessary steps identified under this paragraph.

Source. 2020, 34:4.