State Health Improvement Plan

Section 126-A:87

    126-A:87 State Health Improvement Plan. –
I. The commissioner of the department of health and human services shall, in consultation with the state health assessment and state health improvement plan advisory council established in RSA 126-A:88, and others, develop a state health assessment and a state health improvement plan.
II. The state health assessment shall:
(a) Describe the status of health and well-being in New Hampshire, access to critical healthcare services including maternity care, the cost of healthcare and insurance coverage, and the fiscal stability and sustainability of critical services to ensure sufficient and equitable access throughout the state.
(b) Utilize input from state and local level stakeholders obtained through public forums.
(c) Identify disparities in social determinants that may impact health, health outcomes, and access to care.
(d) Map health care service delivery, utilization, inter-entity collaboration, and identification of gaps or redundancies.
(e) Describe the role of state agencies in supporting the public health system in New Hampshire.
(f) Utilize existing data and plan for future data to support statewide and local planning.
(g) Identify priorities for the state health improvement plan.
III. The state health improvement plan shall guide the department in assessing, planning, implementing, and monitoring improvement in the health and well-being of New Hampshire's population.
IV. The state health improvement plan shall focus on strategies to:
(a) Improve the overall health and wellness of populations; improve the quality and experience of care and reduce cost both to individuals and overall to the healthcare system.
(b) Improve specific health outcomes and reduce inequities in measurable ways; and
(c) Optimize the public health and human service delivery systems.
V. The state health improvement plan shall identify priorities and evidence-based practices, recommend integration of services, and encourage the leveraging of resources across the state.
VI. The department shall make publicly available through an Internet website an analysis pertaining to state health assessment indicators, identification of state health priorities, goals, and the development of the state health improvement plan.
VII. The information made available shall be maintained as a public resource for centralized and decentralized decision making and policy analysis by state and local health and human service entities, housing developers, municipalities, policy makers, the public, and other entities as they consider health improvement planning and health in all policies.
VIII. The information may also be used by the department to align planning, integrate services, and leverage resources across the department.
IX. The commissioner, in consultation with the state health assessment and state health improvement plan advisory council, shall release to the public, the state health assessment no later than 12 months after the effective date of this section and the state health improvement plan no later than 24 months after the effective date of this section. The plan shall be reviewed annually and updated every 5 years, or earlier if determined necessary by the commissioner.

Source. 2020, 39:16, eff. July 29, 2020. 2021, 35:1, eff. May 17, 2021.