Section 135-F:5

    135-F:5 Duties of Commissioner of the Department of Education. –
The commissioner of the department of education shall:
I. To the extent possible within existing statutory and budgetary constraints, support the system of care established under this chapter through:
(a) The development of a multi-tiered system of supports for New Hampshire schools and support for school districts implementing MTSS-B through technical assistance and professional development, including the use of external consultation training and coaching services.
(b) Alignment of federal funding to support local school districts implementing a multi-tiered system of support.
(c) Technical assistance to local school districts regarding the use of federal funds to implement and maintain MTSS-B.
(d) Technical assistance to local school districts on the use of research- and data-driven decision-making, organized and shared leadership, support for personnel through embedded professional development, and purposefully planned implementation cycles with continuous evaluation for improvement of outcomes.
II. Develop a plan for full support and participation of the department of education in the establishment and maintenance of a system of care. Such plan shall be reviewed and amended annually. It shall include sufficient detail to allow compliance with the reporting requirements of RSA 126-A:5, XXXIII, and shall address at least the following elements:
(a) Development of a multi-tiered system of supports in all New Hampshire schools.
(b) System capacity, including workforce sufficiency.
(c) Applicable federal funding participation, shall include but not be limited to state set-aside funds received from the federal government under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Titles I, II, IV-A, and IV-B under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).
(d) Changes to statutes, administrative rules, and structure of appropriations, and department policy, practice, and structure.
(e) Projections of cost savings from increased service effectiveness and reductions in costly forms of care and use of such savings to close existing gaps in children's behavioral health services.
(f) Coordination with the commissioner of the department of health and human services to implement the system of care.

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