Section 151-E:2

    151-E:2 Definitions. –
In this chapter:
I. "Assisted living facility" means a facility with individual living units where medical and social support services are provided on the basis of an individualized plan of care and which provides other common social support services.
II. "Congregate housing" means public housing providing congregate services as defined in RSA 161-F:36.
III. "Department" means the department of health and human services.
IV. "Home-based care" means a range of medical and supportive services provided under the medicaid waiver to persons in their own homes or in the home of a relative or other person.
V. "Nursing facility" means an institution or facility, or a distinct part of an institution or facility, whether proprietary or non-proprietary, which is primarily engaged in providing 24-hour care for residents needing:
(a) Skilled nursing care, medical monitoring, and related services;
(b) Rehabilitation services for the rehabilitation of injured chronically disabled or sick;
(c) Medication administration or instruction and supervision; or
(d) On a regular basis, health-related care and services (above the level of room and board) which can be made available to them only through institutional facilities which provide 24-hour care.
VI. "Medicaid waiver" means the medicaid home and community-based care waiver for the elderly and the chronically ill.
VII. "Mid-level care" means care provided in an assisted living facility, congregate housing, or residential care facility under the medicaid waiver.
VII-a. "Person-centered planning" means a planning process to develop an individual support plan that is directed by the person, his or her representative, or both, and which identifies his or her preferences, strengths, capacities, needs, and desired outcomes or goals.
VIII. "Residential care facility" means a facility, including a supported residential care facility, which provides services to 2 or more individuals, beyond room and board care, in a residential setting, as an alternative to nursing facility care, which offers residents home-like living arrangements, social, health, or medical services, including but not limited to, medical or nursing supervision, or medical care or treatment by appropriately trained or licensed individuals, assistance in daily living, or protective care. "Residential care facility" shall also include a facility certified in accordance with RSA 151:9, VIII.

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