Section 157-A:7

    157-A:7 Inspectors. –
I. A boiler and pressure vessel inspector shall hold an active National Board commission and be qualified by the commissioner of labor.
II. A license shall be issued by the commissioner to an inspector for a 1-year period. A fee of $30 shall be charged for the license. A license may be renewed every year upon payment of a fee of $20. Employees of the department of labor shall not be charged for the issuance or renewal of a license.
III. The commissioner may revoke any license issued by the commissioner for cause shown, after a hearing, if so requested. The holder of the license under question shall receive 7 days' written notice informing the holder of the charges against such holder and of the time and place of the hearing.
IV. Any boiler or pressure vessel that does not conform to the standards established under RSA 157-A:3 may be operated under the following conditions:
(a) Such boiler or vessel shall be operated only as a hobby or for educational or historical purposes. Under no condition may it be operated for commercial purposes.
(b) An inspection of such boiler or vessel shall be conducted annually by a person qualified under RSA 157-A:7 and in accordance with rules adopted by the commissioner.
(c) Such boiler or vessel shall conform to any conditions or restrictions established by the commissioner to carry out the purposes of this section.
(d) No lap seam boiler permitted under this section may be operated at a pressure exceeding 100 psig.
V. Upon application and with the permission of the commissioner, any person may temporarily operate a boiler or pressure vessel that is normally located outside this state and which does not conform to the standards under RSA 157-A:3 if:
(a) Such vessel or boiler is permitted to be operated under the laws or regulations or both of the state where it is normally located; and
(b) Such state laws and regulations equal or exceed the criteria in this state as promulgated under paragraph IV.
(c) The commissioner shall determine the permitted period of temporary operation; but, in no case, shall such period exceed 7 days.
VI. There is established the classified position of chief boiler inspector in the department of labor.

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