Section 157-B:2

    157-B:2 Definitions. –
In this chapter:
I. "Owner" means a person, partnership, association, or corporation who is the holder of title to, or who leases an elevator or accessibility lift from the holder of title to, a building in which there is an elevator or accessibility lift, as defined in this section, except an elevator or accessibility lift for the exclusive use of the holder of title in the holder's home.
II. "Commissioner" means the labor commissioner.
III. "Standards" means regulations issued by the commissioner which establish the minimum safety requirements for elevators and accessibility lifts in use on or installed after January 1, 1968.
IV. "Elevator" means a hoisting and lowering mechanism equipped with a car or platform which moves in guides in a substantially vertical direction; or a stairway inclined lift which moves in guides in an inclined direction; and includes the doors, well, enclosures, means, and appurtenances required for its operation. The term "elevator" shall include an accessibility lift but does not include a vertical reciprocating conveyor, a material lift, or an accessibility lift in a private residence.
V. "Accessibility lift" means an inclined chair/platform lift or vertical wheelchair lift used to raise and lower a person in a wheelchair or person of limited mobility in or on a car or platform from one level to another and shall meet the requirements of the most recent version of ASME/ANSI-A 17.1 for handicap lifts.

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