Section 170-B:4

    170-B:4 Who May Adopt. –
Any of the following adults may adopt:
I. Two adults together.
II. An unmarried adult.
III. The unmarried parent of the adoptee.
IV. A married adult without that person's spouse joining as a petitioner, if the adoptee is not the petitioner's spouse; and if any one of the following circumstances apply:
(a) The petitioner's spouse is a parent of the adoptee and assents to the adoption;
(b) The petitioner and the petitioner's spouse are legally separated;
(c) The failure of the petitioner's spouse to join in the petition is excused by the court by reason of prolonged unexplained absence, unavailability, or circumstances constituting an unreasonable withholding of assent; or
(d) The petitioner's spouse assents to the adoption and the adoptee is over the age of 18.
V. An unmarried adult with the assent of at least one of the adoptee's parents and with the intention to share parenting responsibilities with one of the adoptee's parents.
VI. A person or persons who are parents of a child conceived via assisted reproduction as defined in RSA 168-B:1, II for the purpose of confirming the legal relationship between child and parent.

Source. 2004, 255:1, eff. Jan. 2, 2005. 2020, 26:1, eff. Jan. 1, 2021.