Section 194-B:1

    194-B:1 Definitions. –
In this chapter:
I. " Average cost per pupil " means the total of education expenditures in a particular district and at the elementary, middle/junior, and high school levels, less tuition, transportation, capital outlays, and net debt service, as compiled by the department of education. Kindergarten cost shall be calculated at 1/2 the cost of elementary school for chartered public schools offering half-day kindergarten.
II. " Average daily membership in attendance " or " ADMA " relative to chartered public schools means the average daily membership in attendance, as defined in RSA 189:1-d, III, of pupils in kindergarten through grade 12, in the determination year. ADMA shall only include pupils who are legal residents of New Hampshire pursuant to RSA 193:12 and educated at the charter school's expense. In this paragraph, "determination year" shall have the same meaning as in RSA 198:38, IV.
III. " Board of trustees " means the governing body of a chartered public school authorized by the state board of education to supervise and control the chartered public school.
IV. " Chartered public school " means an open enrollment public school, operated independent of any school board and managed by a board of trustees. A chartered public school shall operate as a nonprofit secular organization under a charter granted by the state board and in conformance with this chapter.
V. " Charter conversion school " means a public school which has been authorized to become a chartered public school. That school continues to be managed by the school board until and unless fully authorized to become a chartered public school in accordance with the provisions of RSA 194-B:3.
VI. " Full-time enrolled pupil " means a pupil pursuant to RSA 194-B:1, XI and officially accepted full-time student by the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School admissions team.
VII. " Full-time equivalent pupil " means a pupil or group of pupils pursuant to RSA 194-B:1, XI that have completed 12 half-credit courses.
VIII. " Host school district " means the school district in which the chartered public school is physically located.
IX. " Open enrollment public school " or " open enrollment school " means any public school which, in addition to providing educational services to pupils residing within its attendance area or district, chooses to accept pupils from other attendance areas within its district and from outside its district.
X. " Parent " means a parent, guardian, or other person or entity having legal custody of a child or, in the case of a child with a disability, a surrogate parent who has been appointed in accordance with state or federal law.
XI. " Pupil " means any child who is eligible for attendance in public schools in New Hampshire.
XII. " Receiving district " means the school district to which a pupil is sent to attend a chartered public school.
XIII. " Resident district " means the school district in which the pupil resides.
XIV. " School board " means the district school board.
XV. " Sending district " means the school district in which the pupil resides.
XVI. " State board " means the state board of education.
XVII. " Teacher "' means any individual providing or capable of providing direct instructional services to pupils, and who meets requirements prescribed in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act.

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