Adequate Education; Education Trust Fund

Section 198:40-a

    198:40-a Cost of an Opportunity for an Adequate Education. –
I. For the biennium beginning July 1, 2015, the annual cost of providing the opportunity for an adequate education as defined in RSA 193-E:2-a shall be as specified in paragraph II. The department shall adjust the rates specified in this paragraph in accordance with RSA 198:40-d.
II. (a) A cost of $3,561.27 per pupil in the ADMA, plus differentiated aid as follows:
(b) An additional $1,780.63 for each pupil in the ADMA who is eligible for a free or reduced price meal; plus
(c) An additional $697.77 for each pupil in the ADMA who is an English language learner; plus
(d) An additional $1,915.86 for each pupil in the ADMA who is receiving special education services; plus
(e) An additional $697.77 for each third grade pupil in the ADMA with a score below the proficient level on the reading component of the state assessment administered pursuant to RSA 193-C:6 or the authorized, locally-administered assessment as provided in RSA 193-C:3, IV(i), provided the pupil is not eligible to receive differentiated aid pursuant to subparagraphs (b)-(d). A school district receiving aid under this subparagraph shall annually provide to the department of education documentation demonstrating that the district has implemented an instructional program to improve non-proficient pupil reading.
III. The sum total calculated under paragraph II shall be the cost of an adequate education. The department shall determine the cost of an adequate education for each municipality based on the ADMA of pupils who reside in that municipality.

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