Pupil Use of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

Section 200:42

    200:42 Possession and Use of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors Permitted. –
A pupil with severe, potentially life-threatening allergies may possess and self-administer an epinephrine auto-injector if the following conditions are satisfied:
I. The pupil has the written approval of the pupil's physician and, if the pupil is a minor, the written approval of the parent or guardian. The school shall obtain the following information from the pupil's physician:
(a) The pupil's name.
(b) The name and signature of the licensed prescriber and business and emergency numbers.
(c) The name, route, and dosage of medication.
(d) The frequency and time of medication administration or assistance.
(e) The date of the order.
(f) A diagnosis and any other medical conditions requiring medications, if not a violation of confidentiality or if not contrary to the request of the parent or guardian to keep confidential.
(g) Specific recommendations for administration.
(h) Any special side effects, contraindications, and adverse reactions to be observed.
(i) The name of each required medication.
(j) Any severe adverse reactions that may occur to another pupil, for whom the epinephrine auto-injector is not prescribed, should such a pupil receive a dose of the medication.
II. The school principal or, if a school nurse is assigned to the pupil's school building, the school nurse shall receive copies of the written approvals required by paragraph I.
III. The pupil's parent or guardian shall submit written verification from the physician confirming that the pupil has the knowledge and skills to safely possess and use an epinephrine auto-injector in a school setting.
IV. If the conditions provided in this section are satisfied, the pupil may possess and use the epinephrine auto-injector at school or at any school-sponsored activity, event, or program.
V. In this section, "physician" includes any physician or health practitioner with the authority to write prescriptions.

Source. 2003, 50:1, eff. Aug. 15, 2003.