Bronchodilators, Spacers, and Nebulizers in Schools

Section 200:55

    200:55 Administration of Bronchodilator, Spacer, or Nebulizer. –
I. A school nurse and designated unlicensed assistive personnel may administer or make available to self-administer a bronchodilator, spacer, or nebulizer to a student who has been diagnosed with asthma for use in emergency or other situations as determined by the school nurse provided that:
(a) The school has on file an asthma action plan for the student which shall be filed annually and updated as necessary with the school and includes an order from the student's health care provider to provide the student with an asthma rescue inhaler, including dosage information and permission for the student to use the school's stock in the event of an emergency; and
(b) The student's parent/guardian has provided written permission to the school nurse to administer a bronchodilator, spacer, or nebulizer from the school's supply.
II. The school nurse shall notify the student's parent or legal guardian whenever a bronchodilator, spacer, or nebulizer from the emergency stockpile is administered to a student. The school nurse shall make the notification as soon as practicable in accordance with the contact information on file at the school.

Source. 2016, 45:1, eff. July 2, 2016.