Import, Possession, or Release of Wildlife

Section 207:14

    207:14 Import, Possession, or Release of Wildlife. –
I. No person shall import, possess, sell, exhibit, or release any live marine species or wildlife, or the eggs or progeny thereof, without first obtaining a permit from the executive director except as permitted under title XVIII. The executive director shall have the authority to determine the time period and any other conditions governing the issuance of such permit. The executive director may refuse to issue a permit if he determines that such issuance may pose significant disease, genetic, ecological, environmental, health, safety, or welfare risks to persons, marine species or wildlife.
II. The executive director shall adopt rules, pursuant to RSA 541-A, to administer this section and relative to the importation, possession, exhibition, sale or release of all marine species and wildlife, including, but not limited to:
(a) Size, sex, number and quantity.
(b) Transportation, within or through the state of New Hampshire.
(c) Sale, inspection, processing, recordkeeping and marking.
(d) Method of keeping.
(e) Areas of release.
(f) Method of release.
(g) Method of taking.
(h) Permit fee schedules.
(i) Appropriate definitions.
III. The executive director may establish a list of marine species or wildlife or the eggs or progeny of such marine species or wildlife which may be exempted from any or all of the provisions of RSA 207:14.
IV. Except where otherwise provided, any person who violates this section or any rule adopted under this section shall be guilty of a violation and guilty of an additional violation for each marine species or wildlife possessed contrary to the provisions of this section.

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