Definitions, Inclusions, Methods of Taking, Etc.

Section 207:7-a

    207:7-a Disabled Persons. –
I. RSA 207:7 shall not apply to a disabled person who is suffering from paraplegia or who is suffering from the loss of, or the loss of the use of, both lower extremities and who has obtained a current license to hunt; provided, however, that such person must first obtain from the executive director a special permit entitling said person to hunt while using a motor vehicle, not to include boats with motor attached or aircraft. For purposes of this section, "motor vehicle" shall include off highway recreational vehicles and all terrain vehicles as defined in RSA 215-A:1, and snowmobiles as defined in RSA 215-C:1. No loaded firearm, shotgun, or rifle shall be carried or transported with a cartridge in the chamber, magazine, or clip attached to the firearm, shotgun, or rifle, while the vehicle is in motion. The executive director may issue such a permit upon application in person or upon documentary proof of such disability by a licensed hunter. Such permit shall be carried upon the person of the permittee while hunting and shall be produced for inspection upon the demand of any law enforcement officer. A $10 administrative fee shall be charged once, upon application to the executive director for such permit.
II. The permit shall be perpetual. The executive director shall retain the records for such permits for a period not less than 7 years. Loss or destruction of the permit after 7 years shall obligate the permittee to re-establish eligibility.

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