Conduct and Reporting After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Section 264:26

    264:26 Uniform Police Investigation Report of Accident. –
I. The commissioner shall prescribe for each police department and officer and other suitable agencies or individuals a uniform police investigation report of accident, in such form as the commissioner shall determine, which form shall be followed in filing all such reports.
II. In each reportable accident in which any person is killed or injured or in which damage to the property of any one individual, including the driver, is sustained, the police officer, agency, or individual who, in the regular course of duty, investigates such accident, either at the time of or at the scene of the accident or thereafter, by interviewing the participants or witnesses, shall, within 5 days after completing such investigation, complete and forward one copy of such report to the division. Such report shall call for, contain, and incorporate by reference all available detailed information to establish and to disclose the cause of the accident, the conditions then existing and the persons and vehicles involved including the names and addresses of all occupants of the vehicles involved, as well as the enforcement action taken. In each reportable accident in which a person is killed, the police officer, agency, or individual who, in the regular course of duty, investigates the accident shall provide written notice to the department of safety within 7 days of the accident. The notice shall include the information contained on the front page of the uniform police accident report and may be submitted electronically or by fax. This requirement shall not relieve the investigating agency or officer from the responsibility of filing the complete report as required by this paragraph.
III. A police officer ordering removal of a body under RSA 611-B:14, II shall include as part of the report required by this section a survey of the location report required under RSA 611-B:14, I.
IV. The department of safety investigation officer reviewing a report relative to an accident involving a motor vehicle fatality shall contact the victim's next of kin as to knowledge of the circumstances of the accident and shall include a statement concerning the results of such contact as a part of any written report made as a result of such review.

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