Driving or Operating Under the Influence of Drugs or Liquor

Section 265-A:22

    265-A:22 Payment of All Obligations Prior to Restoration or Renewal. – The director of motor vehicles shall not restore or renew a person's license or privilege to drive, if it was revoked pursuant to RSA 265-A:2; RSA 265-A:3; RSA 265-A:35; RSA 265-A:43; RSA 630:2; or RSA 630:3, or if the revocation was connected with an alcohol-related or drug-related offense, until all obligations of such person resulting from the arrest and conviction for the offense are met. For the purposes of this section, the word "obligations" shall mean fines and penalty assessments, court-ordered restitution or reimbursement to any person injured as a result of the offense, successful completion of all treatment and rehabilitation programs the person is required to take, full payment of all fees for such programs, and any other costs which may be ordered by the court. The word "obligations" shall not mean completion of probation or parole or completion of a condition of probation or parole. In any case where the court orders periodic payment of fines, penalty assessments, restitution, or reimbursement, the obligations of such periods shall be deemed to have been met if such person is current in all such court-ordered payments.

Source. 2006, 260:1, eff. Jan. 1, 2007.