Section 275-D:3

    275-D:3 Programs Established. –
I. In order to enable the displaced homemaker to contribute to society and maintain independence and economic security, the commissioner shall establish 2 pilot multipurpose service centers for displaced homemakers, one in the metropolitan area in the southern tier of the state, and one in the rural north country area. To the greatest extent possible, the commissioner shall make grants to nonprofit agencies or organizations to carry out the various programs.
II. The centers shall develop, by working with federal, state and local governmental agencies and private employers, job counseling and placement services specifically designed for displaced homemakers. The services shall:
(a) Counsel displaced homemakers with respect to appropriate job opportunities;
(b) Identify community needs and seek funding for new public sector jobs;
(c) Provide displaced homemakers with the necessary counseling, training, skills and referral services to become gainfully employed, healthy and independent;
(d) Develop plans to include more displaced homemakers in existing training and placement programs;
(e) Refer displaced homemakers to agencies which may provide information and assistance with respect to health care, financial matters, education, nutrition, and legal problems, and
(f) Take into account and build upon the skills and experience of the displaced homemaker.
III. The centers shall utilize the counseling resources available through community mental health services programs or any other existing agency under the direction of the commissioner of health and human services pursuant to RSA 126-B to assist displaced homemakers in their adjustment from providing unpaid household services to locating appropriate job opportunities.

Source. 1979, 363:1, eff. Aug. 22, 1979.