Discontinuance of Service

Section 374:28-a

    374:28-a Slamming Prohibited. –
I. "Slamming" is any practice that changes a consumer's telecommunications or energy-related service carrier or provider without the customer's knowledge or consent. For purposes of this section, a "customer" shall mean the person to whom the telecommunications or energy-related services are billed, or that person's designee.
II. No person shall engage in slamming. Any person that engages in slamming shall be subject to an administrative fine in an amount to be determined by the commission, not to exceed $2,000 per offense. The commission may consider intent as a factor when assessing administrative fines.
III. The commission, upon its own motion or upon petition of any interested party, may withdraw the person's authorization to engage in business in all or any part of the territory in which it is authorized to operate whenever it shall find, after notice and public hearing, that said person has engaged in slamming.
IV. The commission shall adopt rules, pursuant to RSA 541-A, and consistent with rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission regarding telecommunications slamming, to enforce the provisions of this section.

Source. 1998, 175:2, eff. June 15, 1998.