Section 483-B:22

    483-B:22 Coastal and Great Bay Region Reports. –
I. The commissioner of the department of environmental services shall convene representatives of the department of transportation, the division of homeland security and emergency management, the office of strategic initiatives, and other agencies as he or she deems appropriate, at least every 5 years, commencing July 1, 2019 to supervise an updating of storm surge, sea-level rise, precipitation, and other relevant projections recommended in the coastal risks and hazards commission 2014 report "Sea-Level Rise, Storm Surges, and Extreme Precipitation in Coastal New Hampshire: Analysis of Past and Projected Trends." This report shall be distributed to all state agencies, municipalities in the coastal and Great Bay region, the governor, the speaker of the house of representatives, the president of the senate and the chairs of the house and senate committees with jurisdiction over issues related to such projections.
II. New Hampshire state agencies involved in planning, siting, and design of state-funded structures and facilities, public works projects, and transportation projects, as well as land acquisition and management, and other environmental activities in the coastal and Great Bay regions of New Hampshire, shall reference the Coastal Risks and Hazards Commission report, "Sea-level Rise, Storm Surges, and Extreme Precipitation in Coastal New Hampshire: Analysis of Past and Projected Trends," for guidance on all potentially affected activities. Agencies shall develop, as possible and appropriate, uniform standards of guidance, in conformity with the report. Efforts designed with a previous report identified in paragraph I shall not be required by the department to adapt their designs to accommodate the findings of an updated report but may do so as practicable.
III. The department shall maintain a link to all versions of the report on its web page.

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