Section 461-A:10

    461-A:10 Restraining Orders. –
I. After the filing of a petition concerning a minor child under this chapter, the court may issue restraining orders with such conditions and limitations as the court deems just. At the discretion of the court, such orders may be made on a temporary or permanent basis. Temporary orders may be issued ex parte as provided in RSA 461-A:9. The orders may include the following:
(a) Directing any party to refrain from abusing or interfering in any way with the person or liberty of the other party.
(b) Enjoining any party from entering the premises wherein the other party resides upon a showing that physical or emotional harm would otherwise result.
(c) Enjoining any party from contacting the other party at, or entering, the other party's place of employment or school.
(d) Enjoining any party from harassing, intimidating or threatening the other party, other party's relatives regardless of their place of residence, or the other party's household members in any way.
II. When a party violates a restraining order issued under this section by committing assault, criminal trespass, criminal mischief, stalking, or another criminal act, that party shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and peace officers shall arrest the party, detain the party pursuant to RSA 594:19-a and refer the party for prosecution. Such arrests may be made within 12 hours after a violation without a warrant upon probable cause whether or not the violation is committed in the presence of a peace officer.

Source. 2005, 273:1, eff. Oct. 1, 2005.