State Board of Education

Section 186:8

    186:8 Rulemaking Authority; Standards; Employee Qualifications. –
The state board of education shall adopt rules, pursuant to RSA 541-A, relative to:
I. Academic standards for all grades of the public schools.
II. Minimum standards for public school approval for all grades of the public schools.
III. Qualifications and duties for school superintendents, principals, school administrative unit professionals and other public school employees.
IV. Certification standards for educational personnel, including those listed in RSA 21-N:9, II(s), provided that the commissioner of the department of education may, through an agreement with another state when such state and New Hampshire are parties to an interstate agreement, provide for recertification based on another state's procedures if the other state's professional development plan is approved by the New Hampshire department of education.
V. Establishing requirements for teachers and teacher preparation programs to ensure that all teachers are prepared to teach to a broad range of students' needs, including, but not limited to, the needs of exceptional learners.
VI. Certification standards for advanced teaching credentials, including administering the master teacher credential as provided in RSA 189:14-f.
VII. Appeals from a school board on the matter of nonrenewal of teacher contracts, providing that the appeal to the state board of education shall be limited to the record developed at the school board hearing, except where the state board of education determines that new evidence is available which could not have been reasonably discovered at the time of the school board hearing and that such evidence may have materially affected the outcome of the school board hearing. In such cases, the state board of education shall render a final decision in the matter or remand it to the school board for a new hearing.
VIII. Requiring a high school pupil to attain competency in mathematics for each year in which he or she is in high school through graduation to ensure career and college readiness. A pupil may meet this requirement either by satisfactorily completing a minimum of 4 courses in mathematics or by satisfactorily completing a minimum of 3 mathematics courses and one non-mathematics content area course, including, but not limited to, a CTE program under RSA 188-E, in which mathematics knowledge and skills are embedded and applied, as may be approved by the school board. The rules shall be implemented in the 2015-16 school year.

[Paragraph IX effective July 1, 2023.]

IX. Implementing the provisions of RSA 193:26-a.

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