Section 193-D:2

    193-D:2 State Board Rulemaking Authority; Public School District Policies. –
I. The state board of education shall adopt rules relative to safe school zones, under RSA 541-A, for public school pupils and public school employees regarding:
(a) Disciplinary proceedings, including procedures assuring due process.
(b)(1) Standards and procedures for suspension and expulsion of pupils, including procedures assuring due process.
(2) Standards and procedures which shall require expulsion of a pupil for knowingly possessing a firearm in a safe school zone without written authorization from the superintendent or designee.
(c) Procedures pertaining to discipline of pupils with special needs, including procedures assuring due process.
(d) Procedures for reporting acts of theft, destruction, or violence under RSA 193-D:4.
(e) Reporting acts of violence against school employees, volunteers, and visitors.
(f) A complaint procedure for those asserting that a provision of this chapter has been violated, and possible sanctions and penalties for such violation.
II. Nothing in this chapter shall prohibit local school boards from adopting and implementing policies relative to pupil conduct and disciplinary procedures.

Source. 1994, 355:3, eff. June 8, 1994. 2020, 38:13, eff. Sept. 27, 2020.