General Powers and Duties

Section 194:3

    194:3 Powers of Districts. –
School districts may raise money, as required by law, or, in addition thereto:
I. To procure land for lots for schoolhouses and school administrative unit facilities, and for the enlargement of existing lots;
II. To build, purchase, rent, repair, or remove schoolhouses and outbuildings, buildings to be used for occupancy by teachers in the employ of such school district, and buildings to be used for educational administration including office facilities for school administrative units;
III. To procure insurance against such risks of loss, cost or damage to itself, its employees or its pupils as its school board may determine;
IV. To provide group plan life, accident, medical, surgical and hospitalization insurance benefits, or any combinations of such benefits, for all regular employees of the district and their dependents, the cost thereof to be borne in whole or in part by the district;
V. To plant and care for shade and ornamental trees upon schoolhouse lots;
VI. To provide suitable furniture, books, maps, charts, apparatus and conveniences for schools;
VII. To purchase vehicles for the transportation of children;
VIII. To provide for health and sanitation;
IX. To provide for adult high school diploma and continuing education programs; and
X. To pay debts.

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